Double Six

  I’ve been going out with this guy Rick for three weeks and already he’s starting to piss me off. He’s good-looking enough and he likes to throw his money about, but frankly he bores me rigid.  One night he drags me over to a posh apartment in Chelsea for dinner with his city-boy workmates. I really don’t want to go.  It’s obvious to me he just wants to show off his pretty new girlfriend.  The apartment is large and modern but tastelessly furnished.  Rick’s mates turn out to be just as thick as Rick. Mike is tubby and spotty and Sid is skinny geek. Not surprising they’re single.  Throughout the meal all they talk about is cars and house-prices, the flashy places they’ve been, the important people they’ve met. When it starts to really piss me off, I decide I can’t play the innocent pretty girlfriend a moment longer. So after the meal, I slip away to the bathroom for a line of charlie.  I text my old friend Raquel. The lucky bitch is at a party, having a great time, and I’m pissed of

Pink Ballet Shoes

  One evening, as I am sifting through profiles on line, I find a breathplay lover like me, who loves plastic. He’s not bad-looking, skinny, balding and he lives 20 miles away. We chat for a while.   I tell him I’ve just bought a roll of clear plastic pallet wrap and he’s keen to try it out, so I agree to visit him.   I arrive about ten, park outside a house on an estate of ugly modern box houses. He comes out to meet me.  As he leads me in through the kitchen, I hear a baby gurgling. I turn to him nervously. He points at a baby alarm.  ‘It’s ok. The kids are upstairs asleep. Just give me a second.’  He takes me into the lounge and then disappears.  The lounge is small, with toys, dolls and lego models piled up around the edges of the carpet.  He returns and explains that his wife is out and won’t be back till four.  ‘So we play here?’ I ask, my heart sinking. ‘Yeah.’  He jams a dining chair against the door handle.  ‘Just in case the kids come down stairs. They won’t though.’ 

Madame Rosa’s Next Recruit

  Once the cash has been handed over, and they’ve had a little chat, Madame Rosa tells William to undress and step into her dungeon workspace, which he discovers is a large room with deep red walls and rows of hooks on which all manner of s&m equipment hangs.  William is thirty-five, with blue eyes, blond hair and a slender build. He’s fortunate his charm and good-looks have helped him rise to a managerial post in a successful shipping company.  Two weeks ago he separated from his partner Sophie, whom he had met at university. She wanted to marry him and have childen, but William decided he wasn’t ready yet for all that. Tonight is his first time with a professional mistress.  Madame Rosa has a long black hair tied in a pony tail. She’s wearing a black latex dress. She has tattoos on her fingers. She makes him crawl over to a steel chair, reaches for some black leather cuffs, straps his ankles to the front legs, and his wrists behind his back, then reaches for a roll of clear

Mack The Bread Knife

  The assistant fetches the last of the bread knives in the shop and places it on the counter.  Stan studies it carefully.  Inside the clear plastic moulded package is a black steel knife, with a silver ring around the handle, a sharp serrated edge and a pointed tip. Stan doesn’t want to buy it because it’s far too expensive, but his wife Sally says they need one for tonight, and none of the other shops have bread knives. Their old one has disappeared, so they have no choice but to buy it.   Tonight their only daughter Juliette is bringing her boyfriend Marcus over for a meal. Stan and Sally are a particularly ordinary middle-class, middle-aged couple, whose only real concern in their lives at the moment is that they believe Marcus is a sly Casanova, and they fear for their daughter’s happiness.  Stan even suspects Marcus stole their old bread knife, because he’s not seen it since last time the man turned up at their house. Stan doesn’t trust him an inch. He wants his daughter marr

Irresistible Clear Plastic Gowns in the Salon

“Curlz” is a mixed hairdressing salon in the high street, with purple walls and fairy lights around the window.  It’s a shabby street, with many shops closed, and the salon provides the only bit of colour and sparkle.  Suzi, the manager is a tall, confident redhead with a cheeky smile.  Michelle is the new girl. She’s younger, more petite and she works as a nurse during the week and at the salon at week-ends because she’s saving up to buy an apartment. It’s late on a Saturday afternoon and the salon will close in an hour.  After sweeping up from the last customer, Michelle walks into the back room. ’That bloke is outside again.’ she says.  ‘What, the bloke in the BMW?’ ‘Yeah. He’s parked on the other side of the street. Keeps looking across at the salon.’ Suzi opens up a packet of biscuits and offers one to Michelle.  ‘He can’t be wanting another haircut. He had two last week.’  Suzi gets up, walks out into the salon and stands by the cash desk, to get a better look at him. Michelle fo